Gold 黄金珠宝

A textured 18k gold ring in the form of a lotus is set with an orange zircon from Ratanakiri province

At D.Hindley we make jewellery in yellow, white and rose gold. Most of our pieces are 18k (18 karat) but we can also make pieces in 14k or 9k on request.

We also buy gold jewellery 黄金珠宝.

Cambodia has produced fine gold jewellery 黄金珠宝 for over a millennium. It has its own unit of measurement for gold, the chi. One chi is approximately 3.75 grams. 10 chi is approximately 1.2 troy ounces (the measurement unit that many other countries use for gold).

An 18k gold ring that calls to mind a laurel wreath, symbol of victory and honor
Alluvial gold recovered from an old riverbed in Preah Vihear province