Buying gold in Cambodia

At D.Hindley we make our own 18k (18 karat) gold for rings, earrings and pendants, using Swiss gold and top quality American alloys.

Pure gold is 24k, and 18k gold is 75% gold and 25% alloy. Because pure gold is very soft, alloys (other metals) are added to make jewellery that will stand up to everyday wear without being too easily marked.

Cambodia, with a very long history of working with gold, uses its own gold measure, the chi. One chi is approximately 3.75 grams. 10 chi is approximately 1.2 troy ounces (the measurement unit that many other countries use for gold).

Gold jewellery and adornment were very important during the years of the Khmer empire, when Angkor Wat and other grand temples were built. The empire stored much of its wealth in gold. One temple dating from 1191, Preah Khan, held a reputed 60 tonnes of gold!

There are numerous gold deposits in Cambodia, and small-scale production is carried out in many places. Typically, family groups or small communities work the gravels of old riverbeds to recover small flakes and nuggets.

Some large companies prospecting for gold have found significant deposits, and it is possible that industrial-scale mining may begin in Cambodia in the future.