About us

D.Hindley opened in Phnom Penh in 2014. The two principals behind the business are David Hindley (from New Zealand) and Chin Soksovann (from Cambodia).

We only sell natural stones and we specialise in Cambodian gemstones. All the stones have been hand-selected.

Before we opened the store we travelled around the country to talk with people who prospect for stones or mine them, from the zircon miners of Ratanakiri in the far north-east of the country, to the ruby and sapphire prospectors in Pailin on the border with Thailand.

Recent reports have found some Asian gemstone mining is controlled by the military or drug lords, but our stones are conflict-free. We buy from small family businesses. We don’t stock jewellery made from red coral, turtle shell, or other materials that are often taken illegally from endangered sources.

Our jewellery manufacture is all done in Cambodia.

Beside a ruby-producing river in Pailin

Soksovann examining a sapphire in Pailin

Evaluating rough zircons in Ratanakiri

David Hindley in the shop